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Thursday, December 29, 2011

新加坡之旅 Day3 part 2 (11/12) ❤



Splash Safari show ❤

Animal Friends show ❤ 



Rain Forest show ❤ 



Cute ❤ 

Sea Cows~~ 

The show had finish, when we go out, outsides was raining...T.T
So i got to wear my jacket and my Twilight breaking dawn's hat~~




Cute ❤ 

Giant tortoise~~ 

Erm~~Sry, i have forgotten their name, so i will use "this things" to describe they all..>,<
Seriously, i really hate this things~~@@ They all look very disgusting, right?

See!!! They all dint have eyes~~~
OMG, I was 1st time see this kind of things...@@

Eating sweet corn? erm~~look weird..
I though they all like to eat meat~~>.<


A rattlesnake, it's sound very loud..
erm~~~terrified @@


回家咯,Bye Singapore ❤ ~~